Welcome to the Campaign Website of Colorado’s Eric Bodenstab, 2020 Unity Party Candidate for Vice President of the United States! While you’re here, please be sure to donate to the United National Committee of the Unity Party of America via the “Donate” button at bottom (they fund and support Unity Party candidates directly and indirectly).

Unity Party Vice Presidential Candidate Bodenstab with Running Mate Hammons

Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule—and both commonly succeed, and are right. – H.L. Mencken

There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat ... essentially, there is no difference between the two parties. – Gore Vidal

God did not ordain two parties in the United States. – Unity Party Founder Bill Hammons

Also feel free to look around for links to Eric’s Commonsense Centrist platform, a quick bio of an Average American in a decidedly un-average position to represent his fellow Americans, and a rapidly growing list of Presidential Electors already committed to voting for the next and best Vice President of the United States!


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  1. 4prez

    Thank you for your patience as we continue to develop this site launched this morning!

  2. Eric

    Today we are seeking persons, legal residents of each of the 50 States to volunteer in the case where we win a state to be an elector for the Unity Party. Legally, electors are not bound to the candidate, though they almost always pick the candidate with the most votes, and they are chosen in advance for their loyalty. We would like to avoid Trojan Horse situations naturally. Finding electors is the next most important step in the creation of our party. It is now reasonably well defined, though still being new is open to changes that help bring US to center and end the divide that has separated us from our neighbors. We anticipate being able to find 538 individuals, who will likely need only to contribute one simple “yea” to the process. Money is of course a great way to connect. Time is the ultimate greatest gift. Let US know what is possible. We will get as far as we can go this round and rely on newcomers for the next wave of spirit. We will carry each other forward. We will circulate petitions across the remaining 50 states. We will get there. It will just take time.

  3. 4prez

    Well said, Mister Candidate. Well said.

  4. Eric

    I would be happy to talk with you Mr. Duddridge. I was playing golf the other day with a couple Canadians. Out of respect for the right to be left alone, I did not bring up my nascent political career. But, I appreciate the interest from outside the US.

  5. 4prez

    Ballots are already going out! Here are just a few of the 2020 Unity Party of America Candidates:

    1. Bill Hammons for President of the United States > https://billisrunning.com/
    2. Eric Bodenstab for Vice President of the United States > https://ericforallofus.com/
    3. Stephan “Chairman Seku” Evans for US Senate (Colorado) > https://electseku.com/
    4. Paul Fiorino for Colorado’s 1st Congressional District > https://fiorinoforcolorado.com/
    5. Gary Swing for Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District > https://theswingvote.wixsite.com/unity
    6. Critter Milton for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District > https://crittermilton.com/
    7. Rebecca Keltie for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District > https://keltieconnection.com/
    8. Jerry Burton for Colorado Senate District 33 > https://homeforallofus.com/

  6. Undecided voter

    Mr Vice President,

    I am an undecided voter that tends to lean towards centrist candidates like yourself. I have been both a green party voter and a libertarian party voter. The issue facing America today that I am most concerned about is animal rights. To be more specific, I am concerned we are quickly losing our native American Fox (Vulpes vulpes) to development and illicit human activity. If elected, what would you do in the realm of conservation?

    Thank you good sir!

  7. Eric

    Thanks for the question, Mr/Ms. Undecided Voter. When I first moved to my current neighborhood in suburban Denver, I recall a Vulpes vulpes hopping through several front yards early one morning, trying to avoid human interaction. I have not seen one since and it’s been a couple years. I occasionally see one farther outside the metro area, but it would not surprise me if their endangered status were actually worse than reported on Wikipedia as “least-threatened.”

    In terms of this question in a larger sense, it will take a lot of cooperation on the worldwide forum addressing species loss and habitat encroachment. At the same time, economic concerns which also have just as widespread of effect on the global scene cannot be disregarded. This is especially true for America, which will probably spend the rest of this decade recovering from the Coronavirus shutdown and the loss of life and livelihood that accompanied it.

    I will defer back to the Unity Party’s platform, which de-incentivizes carbon output and incentivizes personal productivity (income). This a radical centrist approach. The likelihood of this being adopted in the next decade are about as likely as Bill and I occupying the White House in 2021, 2025 or 2029, but we definitely think we are addressing the concern. The same cannot be said for the majority of Washington.

    Thanks for the question, and please let us know what you think.

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