(10 of 538 Needed by Nomination)

Eric needs 538 dedicated electors across the United States, citizens ready to exercise their common sense to elect the next and best President of the United States.

Note this list is separate from the list of electors being started by Bill Hammons, currently the only Unity Party Candidate for Vice President of the United States. Differences between the Presidential and Vice Presidential lists will be reconciled soon after the Unity Party Spring 2020 Nomination Convention. HFVP denotes that an elector has also committed to being a Hammons Vice Presidential Elector.


  1. Chris Bodenstab (Hereford) (HFVP)
  2. Hannah Claire Bodenstab (Hereford) (HFVP)


  1. Trently Mullins (Newport) (HFVP)


  1. Galen Bercaw (Longmont) (HFVP)
  2. Blake Huber (Denver) (HFVP)
  3. Paul Lewis (Denver) (HFVP)
  4. Gary Swing (Denver) (HFVP)


  1. Adam Alonzi (Gainesville) (HFVP)
  2. Adham Micheil Hamilton (Tallahassee) (HFVP)


  1. Alison Miller (Kapa’a) (HFVP)

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